Waina O’Brien

Waina O’Brien’s home is in Hekerangi.


  • "Te Utu A Tamaika." Te Ao Hou 69 (n.d.): 4-5. In Māori and English
  • Waina O’Brien writes briefly of the Pahipoto, Ngaitemaoki and Ngamaihi people who formerly lived in the hill-top pa of Puketapu and Rakeihopukia before moving down to Te Kupenga and Hekerangi when the land for growing food became too small to sustain them. Tamaika, however remained at Rakeihopukia and annoyed the people of Te Kupenga by always arriving just when the hangi food was ready to be served. The young people managed to disguise when they were having a hangi and Tamaika, discovering their trick, put a spell on the kumara so that even after being cooked it remained hard as stone. Eventually Iratumoana discovers Tamaika action and Tamaika reveals how the spell could be broken.