Hauraki Paora

Rev. Hauraki Paora was a Corresponding Member of the Polynesian Society in 1893. He was from Reweti, Kaipara, Auckland.

Biographical sources

  • Journal of the Polynesian Society 2 (1893).


  • "Notes on Mr. A. S. Atkinson’s paper, ‘What is a Tangata Māori?’" Trans. by Journal of the Polynesian Society Editors. Journal of the Polynesian Society 2.2 (June 1893): 116-118.
  • Paora participates in a debate through the pages of the Journal of the Polynesian Society concerning the meaning of the word Māori, which was precipitated by A. S. Atkinson’s paper "What is a Tangata Māori?" (published in the Journal of the Polynesian Society 1 (1892): 133). Tuta Tamati wrote ‘A Reply to Mr A. S. Atkinson’s Paper "What is a Tangata Māori?"’ (in Journal of the Polynesian Society 2 (1893): 60-63) and Paora takes issue with Tamati’s contention that Māori is a modern word and was not used prior to European settlement.
  • Other

  • "A Visit from Samuel Marsden, 1820." Māori Wars of the Nineteenth Century: The Struggle of the Northern against the Southern Māori Tribes prior to the Colonisation of New Zealand in 1840. S. Percy Smith. 2nd and enl. Ed. Christchurch, N.Z.: Whitcombe & Tombs, 1910. 138-139. Rpt. in Footnote. The Letters and Journals of Samuel Marsden. 1765-1838. Ed. John Rawson Elder. Dunedin, N.Z.: Coulls Somerville Wilkie; A. H. Reed for the Otago U Council, 1932. 272. Rpt. in Māori Is My Name: Historical Māori Writings in Translation. Ed. John Caselberg. Dunedin, N.Z.: John McIndoe, 1975. 27-28.
  • An account given by Rev. Hauraki Paora to S. Percy Smith concerning Samuel Marsden’s visit to the Te Taou tribe in Reweti in 1820. Paora draws upon the recollections of Te Otene Kikokiko in 1873, who witnessed Marsden’s visit to the area and comments on the astonishment of the Te Taou people in seeing a Pakeha man for the first time.