Alan Joseph Gladwin Papesch

Ngāti Hikairo, Tainui

1936 - 2019

Alan Papesch was born in Pirongia, Te Awamutu, and was educated at Pirongia Primary School, Rotorua High School, Hamilton Marist and Te Awamutu College. He attended the University of Auckland and the University of Canterbury and graduated B.E. (First class Hons), Ph.D, M.I.Mech.E, M.R.Ae Soc, C.Eng. He was Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Canterbury for many years before his retirement. He wrote technical papers and was interested in helping Māori students in science and engineering. He worked on a booklet entitled "A Review of some notable Māori Technology." Papesch provided a general annotation for his non-fiction articles stating "Most of these research papers and the doctoral thesis develop forest and shelter-system design principles for tree spacing, height and layout to reduce damage caused by high winds. Current international research in forest and shelter aerodynamic studies have adopted some of the fundamental approaches used in this reference list to guide research direction."

Biographical sources

  • Correspondence from Dr Alan Papesch 14 May 1993, 11 Feb. and 22 Apr. 1998, 15 and 21 July 2004.


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  • Papers/Presentations

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  • Theses

  • "Wind and its effects on (Canterbury) forests." Ph.D. thesis, U of Canterbury, 1985.