Hoani Parata

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  • The Māori of New Zealand, Past, Present and Future: With Illustrations of Māori Life and Māori Versions of Popular English Songs. The Rev. Hoani Parata. London: T. Hughes & Son, 1911.
  • H[oani] Parata states in the opening Note that this booklet contains material which has been printed in ‘publications not accessible to the ordinary reader.’ The publication includes an extract of Maui Pomare’s paper ‘The Māori’ which was presented at the Eighth Session of the Australasian Medical Congress, Apirana Ngata’s poem "A Scene from the past", an adaptation of Ngata’s article "The Poi-Dance", Māori versions of nine English songs and Parata’s lecture "The Māori of Today" which was given in June, 1907 at St. Mary’s Club in Mornington, Dunedin. In his lecture Parata gives a general overview of the coming of the Māori to New Zealand and the impact of European settlement on the Māori, and focuses in detail on the strengths and weaknesses of the ‘Modern Māori’. Parata critically evaluates and disputes a comment in the Otago Daily Times which stated that the Māori had a ‘constitutional indisposition to work’. This book includes much of the text included in Souvenir of Māori Congress, July 1908: Scenes From The Past With Māori Versions Of Popular English Songs. (By Hone Heke and A. T. Ngata. Wellington, N.Z.: Whitcombe & Tombs, 1908), and it would appear to be a promotional tourist book giving prospective travellers to New Zealand from England and introduction to the Māori.


  • Williams, John A. Politics of the New Zealand Māori: Protest and Cooperation, 1891-1909. [Auckland, N.Z.]: Auckland UP, 1969. 188.