Tata Winara Parata

Wellington Māori Authority/Te Runanganui-o-te-Upoko-o-te-Ika Association director.


  • "Many ‘Take’s’ Find Shelter Under The Umbrella Of The Council." Tu Tangata 14 (1983): 58-59.
  • Parata, as secretary of the New Zealand Māori Council in 1983, writes a detailed description of the Council which was established after the 1962 Māori Community Development Act which provided ‘for the constitution of Māori Associations and [defined] their powers and functions.’ Parata lists the government-legislated general functions of the Council, discusses the composition of the Council and states the eleven District Māori Council Chairs of 1983.
  • "Unit Tackles Māori Failure." Dominion Sunday Times 24 Mar. 1991: 16.
  • Parata writes of the work of Te Runanganui-o-te-Upoko-o-te-Ika Association in remedying Māori retention and attainment rates in schools and post-secondary school environments by instituting employment training schemes and the Matauranga Unit, which targets Māori secondary school students in terms of profiling and ascertaining work preferences, training and supplementary support in schools.