Hopa Paura

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  • "Te Pouākai/The Pouakai." Te Karanga 5.1 (May 1989): 7-8.
  • Hopa Paura narrated this Māori language story to Pokiha and Mary Dryden provides an English translation. Te Karanga notes state that this is ‘[t]he fourth story in this series of translation of the Haddon texts [which] tells of the legendary man-eating bird, Pouakai, which disappeared before the arrival of Ngāi Tahu. In this, Hopa Paura’s version, the bird’s home is Maungatere, Mt. Grey.’ Paura’s account describes how the Waitaha people were troubled by a man-eating bird which lived near Mt Grey and how they decided to trap the bird by luring it into a specially-constructed storehouse. Its female partner was also trapped and their chicks were taken by the tribe as pets. Following Dryden’s English translation is an English re-telling of the story by Taare Te Maiharoa.