Mereana Pitman

Ngāti Porou, Ngāti Kahungunu

Mereana Pitman was born in Wairoa and is now a composer. In 1984 she wrote: "When I was fifteen I started writing songs but I never took it up seriously.... I’m 31 now and when I returned to Auckland I became involved with a collective called Home Made Jam which still exists today quite loosely. This group of pakeha women would be the first who encouraged me to write and to sing and to record. We were invited by the Māori and South Pacific Arts Council to come on to the steering komiti. It has been a real learning thing for me because there have been so many facets of composition that people just don’t realise. And what we have tried to do here is to bring together contemporary and traditional to feed off each other and to share their ideas. I’m not a prolific composer. I sit down and get me a tune first and write some words and if it works, it works." She has written papers and she hopes to have her first short story published soon. She was the secretary of the Steering Komiti for Te Hui Kaitito, the first national Māori music hui held in 1984.

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