Te Rakaherea Woodbine Pomare


Te Rakaherea Pomare was the son of Sir Maui and Lady Miria Pomare. He was a farmer and public servant. In 1939 he married Madge Helen Ormond and had five sons and one daughter. He was General Secretary of the Royal Society of Health and was in charge of the Public Health Training at the National Health Institute. He was a member of the Taranaki Māori Trust Board and other Trust Boards, and was a member of the Special Committees of Board of Health on Māori Health, and on Training and recruitment of Health Personnel. He was President of W.C.S.O. in 1961 and 1963. He was the father of Maui and Eru.

Biographical sources

  • Information sent by the Pomare family, Aug. 1998.


  • "Water Supplies." Te Ao Hou 7 (1954): 47.
  • Pomare writes of the risks of pollution in many Māori water supplies and notes the particular problems with wells, springs and creeks that have not been tested. He gives instruction on the construction of wells and outlines the state subsidies available to install large-scale water supplies.