Hiria Rakete

Ngā Puhi, Te Aupouri

Hiria Rakete was raised in the Hokianga. In 1984 she trained in journalism at the Wellington Polytechnic. She has worked as a journalist and has written non-fiction articles, reviews, a short story and radio drama. In the early 1990s Hiria was appointed Arts Adviser for the Whangarei Community Arts Council.

Biographical sources

  • Arts Times 18 (1990): 7)


  • "There Is A Season." Tu Tangata 32 (Oct./Nov. 1986): 57.
  • This story centres on the implications of marital separation on children and explores the silent grieving of ten-year-old Toni and eight-year-old Missy.
  • Non-fiction

  • "Bowie Zaps Takapuwahia Locals." Tu Tangata 16 (Mar. 1984): 6.
  • Hiria Rakete reports on the visit of David Bowie to Toa Rangātira Marae in Porirua in 1983.
  • "Life-long Struggle Fulfilled." Tu Tangata 16 (Mar. 1984): 45.
  • Hiria Rakete writes of the fulfilment of Makarita Malcolm’s long-term ambition to rebuild the Taraawhai family marae at Wai Kohatu, Rotoiti, which was officially opened in 1984.
  • "Husband And Wife Foster Culture." Tu Tangata 16 (Mar. 1984): 48-49.
  • A profile of Rotorua wood carver Ruihana Phillips and the thriving business, Ruihanga Carvings, he and his wife, Merematekino, have established.
  • "Challenging Lad." Tu Tangata 16 (Mar. 1984): 51.
  • An account of the impact of Māori development and discipline courses held at Mokoia Island on eleven-year-old Leonard Weneti in terms of fostering a strong interest in his Māoritanga.
  • "He Rerenga Kōrero/Social Comment." Tu Tangata 21 (Dec. 1984/Jan. 1985): 30.
  • Hiria Rakete discusses the issue of kawa on university and training college marae noting the controversy over speaking rights at Te Herenga Waka marae at Victoria University.
  • "Ken Hingston The Second." Tu Tangata 22 (Feb./Mar. 1985): 20.
  • Hiria Rakete reports on the appointment of Heta Kenneth Hingston to the Māori Land Court as the 84th judge in the Māori Land Court and the second Māori to take up this position.
  • "Sir Graham Latimer Leads N.Z. Māori Council." Tu Tangata 25 (Aug./Sept. 1985): 16.
  • A profile on Sir Graham Latimer - chairman of the Māori Council.
  • "Waitangi Tribunal." Tu Tangata 28 (Feb./Mar. 1986): 7.
  • Hiria Rakete writes of the responses of various government departments to the Kaiwhakapumau i Te Reo challenge to the Waitangi Tribunal ‘that the Māori Language Board was denied rights in respect of the use of Māori language as guaranteed in the Treaty of Waitangi.’
  • "Te Māori Documented." Tu Tangata 32 (Oct./Nov. 1986): 46-47.
  • An account of Māori film producer Don Selwyn’s proposed eight half-hour programmes of the Te Māori Exhibition and the relationship between the taonga and tangata whenua.
  • "Who Makes Decisions For Funding Māori Art?" Tu Tangata 35 (Apr./May 1987): 9.
  • Hiria Rakete gives a description of the Māori and South Pacific Arts Council (MASPAC) which is assisted by the Māori and South Pacific Art Committees.
  • Reviews

  • "Waituhi." Tu Tangata 21 (Dec. 1984/Jan. 1985): 41.
  • A review of Witi Ihimaera’s opera Waituhi - The Life of the Village.
  • "Karanga." Tu Tangata 31 (Aug./Sept. 1986): 31.
  • Rakete presents a review of the Karanga Karanga Art Exhibition held at the Wellington City Art Gallery.


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