Tamati Ranapiri

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  • "Nga Ritenga Hopu Manu a Te Māori, O Mua./Ancient methods of bird-snaring among the Māoris." Tamati Ranapiri through the Rev. J. McWilliam, of Otaki. Trans. S. Percy Smith. Journal of the Polynesian Society 4 (1895): 132-152.
  • This article, divided into twelve parts with illustrations, details the bird-snaring techniques of the Māori. Ranapiri details methods of catching the Kereru or Kukupa (New Zealand pigeon Carphophaga novoe-zealandioe)), the Kaka (New Zealand parrot Nestor productus), the Tui or Koko (Prosthemadera novoe-zealandioe), the Kakariki or Paroquet (Platycercus novoe-zealandioe), the Parera (grey duck Anas superciliosa), and the Kiwi (Apterix australis).


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