Patrick John Rata

Te Aupouri, Ngāti Kurī

1963 -

Rata works for the Ministry of External Relations and Trade in New York and plans to publish a collection of literary work.

Biographical sources

  • Correspondence with Rata, 31 May 1993.


  • ‘"To Grasp the Native’s Point of View": A Discussion of Malinowski’s Epistemology.’ Hurupaa: Undergrowth 4 (Mar. 1986): 42-59.
  • In his opening abstract Rata writes, ‘In this paper I look at Malinowski’s methodology as presented in chapter one of Argonauts of the Western Pacific and elsewhere in Malinowski’s writings, and attempt to root out the assumptions that underlie that methodology, that is to say, this is an analysis of the Malinowskian epistemology. I question Malinowski’s premise that knowledge is mentally derived; I charge that his epistemology falls because as Malinowski himself asserts, knowledge of other cultures has a social genesis.’ This article was taken from an MA theory paper written by Rata with one section omitted from publication because of its length.
  • Poetry

  • "To the Max II." PRINTOUT: Literature and Arts Magazine 2 (Apr. 1992): 20-21.
  • The speaker describes in narrative form excerpts from the lives of two siblings.
  • "Hui is the Strongest Fulla in Otara." PRINTOUT: Literature and Arts Magazine 2 (Apr. 1992): 21.
  • A poem highlighting the effects of parental violence.
  • "Me and Spike Lee and Me." SPORT 8 (Mar. 1992): 120-121.
  • The narrator recounts a dream in which he introduces film-maker Spike Lee to his Polynesian friends and is reproved for trying to identify with figures from alien popular culture.
  • "Sure to Rise: Soundtrack from ‘Night the Edmonds Cookbook Attacked Me.’" Homeland: Mānoa: New Writing from America, the Pacific, and Asia 9.1 (1997): 171-172.
  • A poem written in the form of a recipe.
  • "My First Speech In The United Nations." Homeland: Mānoa: New Writing from America, the Pacific, and Asia 9.1 (1997): 172-173.