Moerangi Ratahi

Ngāti Awa

1869 -

Moerangi Ratahi was born near Pahipoto. She and her family moved to Ohiwa and later to Wainui to be near Te Kooti. She later lived in Whakatane.


  • "Recollections Of A Centenarian." Recorded by ‘Kotare’ Daily Post [Rotorua] 15 May 1971- 26 June 1971. No details. Rpt. in an abridged form in Historical Review 20.1 (May 1972): 19-27.
  • These recollections of Moerangi Ratahi, recorded by ‘Kotare’, focus on Ratahi’s memories of Te Kooti, with whom she and her family lived at Ohiwa and Wainui. She recalls the Tarawera Eruption of 1886 and the floods that followed. And she discusses various other issues including the Māori-Pakeha relationship, rum-running, the land confiscations, and her views of Rua Kenana and the Ratana Church. She concludes by commenting on contemporary Māori. The article in Historical Review is an abridged form of a series of articles in the Rotorua Daily Post between 15 May 1971 and 26 June 1971 by "Kotare".


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