Paul Alfred Reeves

Te Āti Awa

1932 -

Paul Reeves was born in Wellington and was educated at South Wellington Primary School and Wellington College. He attended Victoria University of Wellington and graduated with a B.A. in 1954 and an M.A. in 1955. Reeves studied at St John’s College, Auckland and graduated with L.Th. In 1961 he graduated with a B.A. from the University of Oxford and an M.A. in 1965. He was ordained an Anglican priest in 1960 and became Bishop of Waiapu in 1971. He was Archbishop of New Zealand from 1980-85 and in 1985 was appointed Governor-General of New Zealand. Reeves has been the Anglican Church’s representative at the United Nations. From 1995-96 he chaired the Fiji Constitution Review Commission and is currently visiting professor at the University of Auckland. Reeves has the following Honorary Degrees: D.C.L.(Oxford), L.L.D (Victoria), D.D. (General Theological Seminary), Doc. Hon. (Edinburgh), and D.D. (Church Divinity School of the Pacific.) He writes non-fiction articles and synod addresses.

Biographical sources

  • Correspondence and phone conversation with Reeves 26 Apr. 1993, 24 July and 9 Aug. 1998.


  • Life is Liturgy: A Guide To The Proposed Liturgy Of The Anglican Church. Auckland, N.Z.: Scott Print, 1966.
  • Reeves states that this ‘was an attempt to explain the rationale and the reasons behind liturgical revision and renewal.’
  • "Te Kupu Tuatahi: The First Word." He Mātāpuna: A Source: Some Māori Perspectives. NZPC No. 14. Wellington, N.Z.: Te Kaunihera Whakakaupapa mō Aotearoa, New Zealand Planning Council, Dec. 1979. 10-13. Rpt. in 1989.
  • Reeves provides a background to the various factors that influenced the development of his Māori identity, and he introduces the work of the other contributors to He Mātāpuna: A Source: Some Māori Perspectives.
  • "The ability to deal with issues honestly." Tu Tangata 27 (Dec. 1985/Jan. 1986): 10-11.
  • In this interview with Tu Tangata, Reeves speaks of the ‘indigenisation of the Gospel’ and discusses the relationship between Christianity and culture, the role of church leaders, and ecumenism within Māori churches.
  • "Opening Speech: Opening of the Waikato Museum of Art and History Speech by Sir Paul Reeves, 3 October 1987." AGMANZ Journal 18.3 & 4 (Spring/Summer 1987/88): 5.
  • Reeves reflects on the role of museums and focuses on the meaning of biculturalism within a museum setting.
  • "Pathway to Partnership." Future Times: Journal of the New Zealand Futures Trust Autumn (1988): 2.
  • Reeves discusses race relations in New Zealand and notes that while there is much talk about partnership within the Treaty of Waitangi, Māori grievances have to be addressed before there can be talk of partnership. Reeves encourages Pakeha to go through a process of self-discovery and ‘to explore how the actions of Pakehas have caused, or at the very least shaped, the nature and scope of the problems Māoris face in health, education, justice, employment and so on.’
  • Foreword. 1840-1990: A Long White Cloud? Ed. Tom Newnham. Auckland, N.Z.: Citizens’ Association for Racial Equality and Graphic Publications, 1989. 4.
  • Reeves writes that the nineteen essays by Māori and Pakeha writers in this publication are ‘a good record of how people think about their origins and their pathway to the future.’
  • "The M. H. Rees Memorial Address: the depth of human experience." Mental Health News (Oct. 1989): 28-30.
  • "The Opening Address by Sir Paul Reeves, Patron of ARANZ at the Thirteenth Conference of the Association, October 1989." Archifacts: Bulletin of the Archives and Records Association of New Zealand Apr. (1990): 1-3.
  • Reeves encourages archivists attending the 1989 conference of the Archives and Records Association of New Zealand to compile ‘sound and extensive records’ of the 1980s and 1990s because he notes that last century’s recorders tended to overemphasise the Pakeha perspective on events. He adds that even in recent history the media tends to skew public perceptions.
  • Foreword. Puna Wairere: Essays by Māori. Wellington, N.Z.: New Zealand Planning Council/Te Kaunihera Whakakaupapa mo Aotearoa, 1990. n.pag.
  • Reeves provides an overview of the material presented in the thirteen essays published in Puna Wairere: Essays by Māori.
  • Foreword. Mana Tiriti: The Art of Protest and Partnership. Wellington, N.Z.: Haeata Māori Women’s Art Collective, Project Waitangi, Wellington City Art Gallery, Daphne Brasell, 1991. 7-8. Rpt. as "Te Mana Tiriti." In Te Ao Mārama: Regaining Aotearoa: Māori Writers Speak Out. Comp. and ed. Witi Ihimaera. Contributing ed. Haare Williams, Irihapeti Ramsden and D. S. Long. Vol. 2: He Whakaatanga O Te Ao: The Reality. Auckland, N.Z.: Reed, 1993. 85-86.
  • In this text of Reeves’ address at the opening of Mana Tiriti at the Wellington City Art Gallery on 18 April, 1990, he gives a general overview of the Treaty noting that although in 1840 ‘it was a forward-looking contract concerning the future... it was not until the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975 was passed, 135 years later, that the country was forced to take its obligations more seriously.’ Reeves touches on the different perceptions of the Treaty by Māori and Pakeha and writes that ‘it is as if two histories, two sets of hopes, two selections of facts have been vying against each other.’
  • "Issues of Identity." Godwits Return. Ed. Margaret Clark. Wellington, N.Z.: Bridget Williams, 1992. 99-107.
  • Reeves writes an autobiographical account of his experiences living in England in 1959 and in the United States in 1991, and recalls his mixed emotions in returning to New Zealand and beginning a process of rediscovering his Māori identity.
  • "My Mother Fashioned Me." Growing up Māori. Ed. Witi Ihimaera. Auckland, N.Z.: Tandem Press, 1998: 153-156.
  • Reeves contributed an autobiographical chapter to this publication.
  • Traditional

  • "Poroporoaki: Harry Dansey." Te Kaea: The Māori Magazine 2 (Mar./Apr. 1980): 2.
  • This is taken from Reeves’ address at Dansey’s Memorial Service at the Holy Sepulchre Church in Auckland, N.Z.


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  • Ngata writes of the appointment of Paul Reeves as Bishop of Waiapu and gives a brief biography of the Bishop.