Kereama Reid

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  • "Multicultural HERBS ready to go back to their roots." Tu Tangata 4 (Feb./Mar. 1982): 10-11.
  • Kereama Reid gives an overview of the reggae band HERBS and looks at their difficulties in finding gigs supposedly because their music ‘appeals to a smaller crowd’ but in essence because hotel managers ‘don’t want a Polynesian band playing in a pub and drawing a Polynesian crowd’. Reid also writes of their strong ethos about control of the band being ‘kept within the group’ and their desire to find their roots and tour the Islands.
  • "Herbs...The Faith, The Folly And The Finance." Tu Tangata 7 (Aug./Sept. 1982): 25-26.
  • An account of the litany of obstacles facing HERBS as they prepared for their trip to the Pacific Islands in the early 1980s.
  • Reviews

  • "Talking With Musicians, Ganja Traders And The Rastafarian Brethren." Rev. of The Rastafarians, by Leonard Barrett, Jah Music, by Sebastian Clarke and Reggae Bloodlines, by Stephen Davis and Peter Simon. Tu Tangata 6 (June/July 1982): 26.