Paparangi Reid

Te Rarawa, Te Aupouri

Paparangi Reid was raised in Whakapara. She studied at Auckland University graduating with a science degree. She went on to Medical School at Otago University and graduated in 1981. Paparangi worked in hospitals in Auckland in obstetrics and general training. For four years she worked at Wai Ora and then in 1988 she studied for a Diploma in Community Health in Wellington. Paparangi has been a lecturer at the Wellington School of Medicine half-time and also ran a health consultancy. She is currently Associate Professor and is ‘Tumuaki and Head of Department of Māori Health at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland. She hold science and medical degrees from the University of Auckland and is a specialist in public health medicine…her research interests include analysing disparities between indigenous and non-indigenous citizens as a means of monitoring government commitment to indigenous rights.’

Biographical sources

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  • Co-written and translated with Tawini Rangihau and Ropata Pouwhare. This bilingual publication in Māori and English opens with a prayer by June Mariu and Pae Ruha, and a Foreword by Georgina Kamira Kirby. The authors state that ‘[t]he aim of this book is to look at those strengths of Tane that apply to us today. Things that will sharpen our minds, strengthen our bodies and help us to stand tall and proud.’ The book outlines for children and teenagers issues of self esteem, secure foundations, sex education and contraception, and sexually-transmitted diseases.
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  • An article on issues surrounding Māori identity in which Reid argues for ‘unity of purpose, not unity of role’ within the Māori community.


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  • Reid discusses the formation of the independent Māori film production unit, Waiora Productions which she established with Kui Wano and Robert Pouwhare.
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