Mihi Mere Roberts

In 1978 Mihi Roberts was appointed Principal of Forest Lake School, Hamilton; in her capacity as principal, she wrote a number of non-fiction articles. She has spent six years writing stories based on life in a 1940s Māori family; these are yet to be published.

Biographical sources

  • Email correspondence from Mihi Roberts, 17 Nov. 2004.

    Children's literature

  • "The Story of Papa and Rangi: A Māori legend." Retold by Mihi Roberts. School Journal 1.5 (1994): 18-23.
  • The story of the separation of Papa and Rangi by their children and the creation of the natural world.
  • Non-fiction

  • "The Māori Dimension at Forest Lake School." Getting it Right: Aspects of Ethnicity and Equality in New Zealand Education. Ed. Walter Hirsh and Raymond Scott. Auckland, N.Z.: Office of the Race Relations Conciliator, 1988. 143-150.
  • Mihi Roberts discusses the introduction of taha Māori at Forest Lake School, Hamilton, since her appointment as principal in 1978. She reports on the introduction of the Māori Club in 1978, the compilation of the Māori Studies scheme in 1979, staff training in 1980 that focussed on the ‘Schools Without Failure’ kitset and the M.O.T.I.S. I.Q test. In 1982 a Māori Language task force was established, and this was followed by the school’s adoption of the ‘Total Wellbeing’ philosophy and establishment of a bilingual unit which was increased to three units in 1987. In conclusion Mihi Roberts evaluates the success of these programmes.