Maria Ponone Amopiu Robson

Maria Robson writes poetry and songs. From 1982-1985, she published poetry through the World Poetry Society in California. In 1989 she started reciting her poetry on Classic Country Radio AM Rotorua. Following this, she read her work on Radio Aotearoa Irirangi (1991) and on Radio Tauranga Moa Na Irirangi (1992). She has been a member of the Maketu Country Western Club and the Te Puke Country Music Club. In 1993 she won the New Zealand National Golden Clef Award for songwriting. She is keen to write an opera and is a member of Nga Puna Waihanga.

Biographical sources

  • Correspondence and poetry from Maria Robson, 5 December 1992 and 23 April 1993.


  • "Search." No details.
  • "When Flowers Lift Their Face to God." No details.
  • Flower Spring.
  • This song was awarded the New Zealand National Golden Clef Award in 1993.
  • Poetry

  • "Ruru." No details.
  • "Forest of Tane." No details.
  • "Rangātira." No details.
  • "Te Purerehua." No details.


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