Sam Rolleston

Ngāi Te Rangi, Ngāti Ranginui

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  • "Health and Treaty Issues." Cultural Considerations in Health: Proceedings of the Rotoiti Hui. Waikohatu Marae, Lake Rotoiti, 8-10 February 1989. [Wellington, N.Z.]: Advisory Committee on the Medical Workforce, [1989]. 11-18.
  • Rolleston gives an overview of the status of Māori and Pakeha in New Zealand since the 18th century, discusses the Treaty of Waitangi and briefly considers various possible policies concerning the Māori: annihilation, separatism, assimilation, integration, paternalism, Māori nationalism and biculturalism. Discussion of the paper follows on pp. 17-18.
  • He Kohikohihinga: A Māori Health Knowledge Base: A Report On A Research Project For The Department Of Health Conducted Into Māori Health, 1988-1989. Wellington, N.Z.: N.Z. Dept. of Health, 1989.
  • Rolleston provides a report of a research project on Māori health conducted in 1988-1989 which had as its purpose the goal of improving the ‘inferior status’ of Māori health by gathering a ‘knowledge base’ and examining existing research on Māori health from a Māori perspective. He discusses the origins of the project, its protocol and research methodology, comments on the role of the tohunga in the past and present, and notes the medicinal use of plants. He also writes of Māori tikanga in terms of whanaungatanga and whakapapa, humour therapy, midwifery, embalming, coping with grief, and the Treaty of Waitangi. In the Appendices Rolleston provides a glossary, texts of the Treaty of Waitangi in English and Māori, and a booklist.
  • Cultural Considerations In Health: Proceedings Of The Rotoiti Hui. Waikohatu Marae, Lake Rotoiti, 8-10 February 1989. [Wellington, N.Z.]: Advisory Committee on the Medical Workforce, [1989?]
  • A report of a hui chaired by Sam Rolleston and held at Waikohatu Marae in 1989 which focused on assisting medical school staff to teach cultural sensitivity, Treaty and bicultural issues, solutions to Māori health needs, and validate the concepts of whanau community health care and taha Māori. Four recommendations made at the hui were to include the Māori perspective in curricula, to increase cultural awareness amongst staff, to develop a support system for Māori Students, and to increase Māori admission to Medical Schools. The report contains edited transcripts of papers presented.


  • Jackson, Bert. "He Kohikohihinga: A Māori Health Knowledge Base." In Social Work Review 3.4 (Feb. 1991): 27.