Emily Rangitiaria Schuster née Bubb

Te Arawa

1927 - 1927

Emily was born in Auckland and was educated at Whakarewarewa Primary School. In 1950 she married Robert Schuster and had six children. She was Manager and Women’s Crafts Supervisor at the New Zealand Māori Arts and Crafts Institute from She was appointed a Cultural Adviser in 1992. She was a tutor of traditional Māori women’s handicraft and was requested by the Ministry of External Relations and Trade to act as a demonstrator for many overseas exhibitions including the Te Māori Exhibition. She was chair of Te Roopu Raranga-Whatu National Body from 1983 and was a foundation member of the Women’s Health League in 1937. She was secretary-treaurer of the Anglican parish of Te Ngae and was a member of the Rotorua Arts Council and the Litter Council. She was also a member of the Steering Commttee of the Rotorua Marriage Guidance. Schuster was a member of the Rotorua District Community Arts Council and was a member of the Whakarewarewa Primary School Committee (1950-74), the Rotorua Intermediate School committee (1959-71), and the Rotorua High Schools Parent Teachers’ Association (1966-71). She was one the Rotorua High School Board of Governors from 1962-71 and was on the YWCA Board from In 1983 she was awarded the QSM [Queen’s Service Medal] and in 1984 was awarded the Newmans Tourism Award. In 1988 she received the Air NZ Award to research Māori weaving held in UK and USA museums.

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