Don Charles Selwyn

Ngāti Kurī, Te Aupouri

1936 - 2007

Don Selwyn was raised in Taumarunui and worked as a teacher before embarking on a career of acting, directing and producing in television, theatre and the film industry. He was one of the founding members of the New Zealand Māori Theatre Trust and from 1984 to 1990 he ran He Taonga I Tawhiti - a Māori and Pacific Island film and television training course. This was followed by the establishment of He Taonga Films in 1992 with Ruth Panapa in order to promote opportunities for Māori script writers. Selwyn went on to produce and direct television dramas in Māori and English. Don’t Go Past With Your Nose in the Air, which Selwyn produced and directed won ‘best foreign short’ at the 1992 New York Festival. And The Feathers of Peace of which Selwyn was executive producer won the 2000 New Zealand Media Peace Award. He was executive producer and director of The Maori Merchant of Venice which was the first Māori language feature film with English subtitles released in February 2001. He co-ordinated the Nga Puna series of television drama.

His huge contribution to Māori drama was recognised through the number of awards he received. In 1994 he received the National Film Board of Canada’s Alanis Obomsawin Award for outstanding contribution to the advancement of Aboriginal film making at the 1994 Dreamspeakers Indigenous Film Festival. The following year he was honoured as New Zealander of the Year for his contribution to arts and culture and he received further recognition with the Wellington Fringe Award for service to theatre, film and television. In 1999 he was awarded the Officer of New Zealand Merit (ONZM) and received an honorary performing arts degree from Unitec. In 2002 he received an honorary degree from Massey University and in 2003 he was recipient of a lifetime achievement award for his work in film, television and theatre at the 2003 New Zealand film awards. In 2005 he was a recipient of Te Tohu Tiketike a Te Waka Toi, an annual Creative New Zealand Māori Arts Board award for ‘outstanding contribution to the development of Māori arts’. In 2007 he received an Arts Foundation of NZ Icon Award.

He has written non-fiction articles, reviews and poetry under the pen-name Kona Te Auhere.

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