Cole Seymour

Cole Seymour has been a member of the Whanake Rangataua, a Māori martial arts group based in Wellington which has provided opportunities for Māori street kids. Seymour was in his teens when he wrote these poems. Apirana Taylor, who collected these poems together, has written: “[g]etting biographical details has proved a hopeless task. Most of these people are fringe people. They never stay in one place for long and I can’t track them down.”

Biographical sources

  • Taylor, Apirana. "Introduction." Landfall 41.4 (1987): 411.


  • "Piss up and Rage." Landfall 41.4 (1987): 411-412.
  • The poet contemplates the meaning of existence, and concludes that people ‘are aliens invading [their] own homes.’
  • "Groper Face." Landfall 41.4 (1987): 412-413.
  • The speaker recalls ‘the uncool dood’ he spied on the beach and called ‘Groper Face’.
  • "A Cry for Help." Landfall 41.4 (1987): 412-413.
  • The speaker mourns his wasted years and wishes he could relive them again in ‘a better life’.