Maera Teauta Sisifa

Ngāti Pikiao

1948 -

Maera Sisifa was born in Rotorua and was educated at Whangamarino Māori School and Mangakino High School. In 1966 she went to Wellington on the first Māori Affairs pre-employment course and has remained in Wellington ever since. She has worked in the post office, the Education Department and now works for the P.P.T.A. She is a member of the Māori Congress.

Biographical sources

  • Phone conversation with Sisifa, 10 July 1998.

    Children's literature

  • "Penny Diver of Mourea." School Journal 4.1 (1991): 17-23.
  • Sisifa provides a detailed description of her life growing up in a Māori community in the 1950s.